Local Honey


Have you done your part to help save these magnificent creatures?

In today’s society we are coming across a fast decline in the bee population and what this means to you could be shocking.  Did you know that a recent article by CNN pointed out that it’s estimated bees are responsible for about one and every three bites of food in the United States.  That’s a crop value of $15- $18 billion dollars.  Shocking right!

What happens when that all disappears?

If all the bees disappeared, it would be catastrophic for agriculture as we know it.  Bees play a vital role in our everyday life.  Through pollination, bees help produce many of our specialty crops like almonds, berries fruits and vegetables.  If the bees disappeared, you might find your self one day in a supermarket with no fruits and vegetables.

So what can we do to help save the bees?

  1. Buy local, organic food from your local organic farms.  Here at The Honey Ladies, we know what it means to support our passion and what it takes to help save the bees.  That’s why we pride ourselves on giving you the freshest, best, local honey in town.
  2. Learn how to be a beekeeper: Have you ever though of having your own hive?  Here at The Honey Ladies we offer a rent to own beehive plan that is right for you.
  3. Knowledge is power:  Honeybees are vegetarians.  They want to forage pollen and nectar from flowers up to three miles from their hive and bring that food back to provide food for themselves and the beehive.  They want nothing to do with you.  They are just trying to provide for their family.
  4. Buy Local Honey:  The honey you buy directly sends a message to beekeepers about how they should keep their bees.  For this reason, and for your own personal health, strive to buy local raw honey that is from the hives that are not treated with chemicals.  If you would like some of the best local honey from us, please CLICK HERE to get your’s today and to support our cause.
  5.  Plant: Whether it is a window box in your apartment, a garden in your backyard, or a green space in your community, there is always something you can plant to help bees no matter where you live. A great example of what to plant is by choosing plants that flower at different times of the year which provide nectar and pollen sources throughout the growing season.

If you would like to find out more about The Honey Ladies, and more services they provide, please follow their blog here: HONEY.

I hope this was informative and hope you check out this wonderful company.


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