Pool Fill-In’s San Jose

The major problem! 

In today’s San Jose, we are faced with a major problem, water.  We have a limited source of water and the drought has only gotten worse as the years pass by us.  Water has now become a resource we cannot afford to lose.   With everything being said, we need to take action.  Prins Pools is here for you and will help guide you through this drought.

As home owners, we know the rigorous tasks of maintaining a pool.  Maybe today is the change we need to have happen to ensure our water source is protected.

Have you ever thought of filling in your pool?  Have the kids moved out of the house and here you are still maintaining a pool you haven’t touched since the kids were young?  Is work so demanding and life’s challenges getting in the way of your everyday activity to the point your pool has turned into a breeding ground for the Lochness monster?  No worries.  We know that in any circumstance life can get in the way.

Lets talk about your options now…  Did you know you can fill in you pool and have a completely re-landscaped backyard all in one?  You can.  Whether you are looking for a partial fill-in or a full we can make sure that you are taken care of and the yard you are wanting can come true.

Here are the perks:

  • You will save money!
  • You can have a yard you can manage yourself.
  • A newly landscaped yard can add value to your home.
  • You can focus on you V’s the pool and the maintenance it takes to keep a pool.
  • You are now officially saving water.
  • Did we mention saving water.

If you are interested in finding out more info on our services, please CLICK HERE now.  Or call now at (408) 979-9595

Remember, we can all do our part to save water.

-Prins Pools


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