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Event Center San Jose


What are you looking for in a venue?

What makes us unique?

The Corinthian Event Center is known as one of the premier spots for Northern California wedding venues and special events. Its reputation is hailed as a historical, non-traditional Great Gatsby landmark and chosen as one of the most affordable South Bay indoor wedding venues. Located in the heart of historic downtown San Jose, this 1924 landmark is no ordinary event center. As you walk up the broad granite steps, past the enormous urns and soaring columns, you can’t help but be impressed by the stately elegance of its neoclassic design. The Corinthian Grand Ballroom is proud to be mentioned as one of the top Bay Area wedding venues by a San Jose local paper. Clients love the fact that the Corinthian Grand Ballroom is located in the heart of Downtown San Jose near its finest hotels and churches.

Services we have to offer:

  • Corporate: We provide everything you need to personalize your event.  We make sure that our team accommodates to all of your requests to ensure your next product launch, board meeting, and team building meeting takes off without a hitch in style.
  • Weddings: Your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. The Corinthian Grand Ballroom provides the perfect space whether your wedding be lavished by beauty or intimate, our wedding planners are here to make sure every detail is a day to remember.
  • Social: Meet and greet in the most elegant place of downtown. Whether you are having a prom, quinceanera, or holiday party, The Corinthian Grand Ballroom blends itself to a wide variety of events.

If you would like to find out more information about our services, please follow the link below.

The Corinthian Grand Ballroom

Corinthian Event Center

196 N. 3rd Street

San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 938-2332

Housekeeper San Jose


Do you need a housekeeper?

There are so many cleaning companies out there and finding the right one can definitely be a tedious task.  What are you looking for when searching for a housekeeper?

I would like to think that when searching for a housekeeper, you are searching for not only someone who is reliable, but most importantly trustworthy.  Here at Heavenly Maids, we are just that.  Our attention to detail, professionalism and passion for the work we do, will surely seal the deal when you take us on as your go to housekeeping service.

What stands us apart

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE……. if at any time there is something not quite done to your satisfaction, we will happily come back and re-clean for FREE. We bring all our own supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to hassle with buying cleaning products & supplies. You can just relax and enjoy your beautiful, clean house! You will feel like you are in heaven!

Or areas of operation

  • House Cleaning Service Areas

House Cleaning Service Areas


If you would like to mind out more information about our services and what we can do for you, please follow this link today. We believe in quality cleaning and wont let you down,


Bee Removal


Do you have a bee problem and don’t know how to handle it?

The Honey ladies are your solution and are there for you when you need them most.  Bees are scary and everyone has a deep down fear of being stung.  We are trained and care for the bees and will come to your home and property and make sure that your bee problem is taken care of.

The difference between The Honey Ladies and our competitors is we can handle any repairs needed as a result of a bee extraction job, e.g. Beehive Removal Repairs. This is the most effective way to permanently remove bees from inside of a void within a structure. This process involves removing the part of the structure where the bees have created a hive and then fully repairing the structure back to its original form and appearance. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial building or a private home, our technicians have many years of experience and will treat your property the same as they would their own homes. Moreover, we back up our service with the longest warranties within our industry.

If you would like to find out more information about other services we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.


Also, please read this great article about honeybees

How the White House plans to help the humble bee maintain its buzz

We hope to hear from all of you soon,

-The Honey Ladies

Jewelry Store San Jose

Logo Jewel Box

We hope that all of you beautiful mothers out there had a wonderful mothers day weekend!

Are you looking for a Jewelry store that is family owned and the only goal is to make you and your loved ones satisfied? Look no further.  We are located in the heart of downtown Campbell and we love all of our customers.  Whether you are looking for a repair, cleaning, selling your gold pieces from your jewelry box or are looking for that right ring for that special someone, we are here to help you out.  With an array of jewelry, we have something for everyone.  Just the other day, we had a couple that came in and were going to do some window shopping looking for rings for there special day.  We were able to sit both of them down, show them our extensive selection and walked them through every step of the way.  By the end of their visit, we had a very happy couple on our hands walking out of our JEWEL BOX with two very special rings on their fingers which they will forever hold close to their hearts as long as they live.

This is what makes us stand apart from our competitors and makes us so happy to see that happy couple find the rings they had been waiting for.  If you would like to see our selection of rings, please follow this link to see what might be in your jewelry box next.  

Did you know we can customize your jewelry?

When you walk into one of our stores with an idea for a unique design, we use Counter Sketch Matrix and Digital Goldsmith to create your one-of-a-kind design. The help of this technology makes it possible for our customers to view 2D and 3D images of their design on the computer in just minutes, even seconds! These programs are fast and even allow you to simulate in real-time and gives you on-screen options to make the changes you need to either your existing jewelry or even your very own customized piece.

If you would like to find out more information on customizing your next piece of jewelry, please follow this link today!

Are you bummed out and have a broken piece of jewelry and don’t know how to fix it?

Bring in your broken piece today. We have experienced restoration specialists on staff and in the store to make certain your work is done quickly and safely. Our in house jewelers have a combined 60+ years of experience in jewelry design and repair. All of our work is done onsite which will give you the sense of security that you need knowing that your precious jewelry is safe and secure.

Depending on the severity of the type of repair you may need, we can’t guarantee same day repairs, but majority of the time, we will have you in and out and satisfied in a timely matter.

Here are some examples of same day services:

  • Clean and buff rings and other fine jewelry)
  • Check and tighten prongs
  • Check and tighten clasps
  • Check for loose stones
  • Watches-replace battery (3yrs guarantee)
  • Watches-replace strap
  • Re-set stones
  • Ring sizing -up or down
  • Quick Solders- Charms
  • Quick Solders- Re-attach clasp to chain (Gold, Silver, or Platinum)

If you would like to find out more information on Repair and Restoration, please follow this link today.

We hope that you find your next visit to be pleasant and look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime at (408) 377-9898

Or visit us today at:

The Jewel Box Jewelers

350 East Campbell Ave

Campbell, CA 95008

Live Scan in San Jose


Do you need a live scan for work?

Lets look at the basics,

Live Scan is an inkless fingerprinting process that electronically transmits fingerprint records to the California Department of Justice in a matter of seconds. Live Scan technology replaces the process of recording fingerprints using messy ink, and shortens the process of background clearances to a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Prints submitted through the Live Scan process allows the DOJ to coordinate any additional processing that is necessary such as forwarding the prints to the FBI.

With a live scan we are ensuring that our clients are satisfied and their employers are getting the safety and security they are looking for when choosing the right employee.

This is a simple process and you will be in and out before you know it.

If you would like to find out more information on some of the other services we have to offer such as

  • Printing services
  • Shipping
  • Passport Photos
  • Mailbox rentals
  • Notary public
  • Supplies and gifts
  • Greeting Cards

Please check out our website HERE

We hope you have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you soon

Postal Annex+

123 E. San Carlos Street

San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 975-0893

Estate Jewelry in San Jose

Logo Jewel Box

Do you have old or unwanted pieces of jewelry taking up space at home?  At Jewel Box Jewelers, we will purchase your jewelry and offer you the best price possible.  When you use our gold buying services, you can trust that you will always receive the best offer.  We do not believe in taking advantage of our customers, so fair pricing is the foundation of our gold and diamond buying program.

You will probably be surprised by the amount of jewelry and coins you can find at your home and inside your jewelry box.  There are so many items that we simply just forget about which can sit unused for years.  Free up some room and grab extra cash by stopping in to see what we can offer you for all of your unwanted pieces.  

If you would like to find out more about our Estate Jewelry or more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime.

The Jewel Box Jewelers

350 East Campbell Ave

Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 377-9898

*While it is called our Gold Buying program, it is not limited to gold. We also buy silver, sterling silver, gold fillings, gold teeth plates, sterling silver flatware, diamonds, precious stones, and a variety of old coins. We purchase foreign coins and platinum pieces too. We buy almost any precious metal, gem or coin that you can find, with only a few minor exceptions. We do not purchase costume jewelry, gold-filled jewelry, gold-plated jewelry or coins that state that they are a copy. Take a look at the extensive list of items we do buy if you have any questions. CLICK HERE