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FFS Property Management Group

What are you looking for in a property manager?

The hardest thing most homeowners have to ask themselves when owning and profiting from a investment property is, should I run my property myself or choose a property manager?

Tough question indeed and one that needs to be answered. When renting out your property, it sounds pretty easy right? WRONG! There are a lot of logistics and time that go into renting your Investment Property. Lets take for instance you chose not to go with a property management group and decided to screen your own tenants. This is a daunting task seeing as not everybody has the same schedule as you, and now you are all over the place going from appointment to appointment. Definitely not what you thought you’d be doing right? How about choosing the right tenant? This is not going to be easy seeing as though this may or may not be your first time renting to another person. You know you are a good judge of character, but are you. Every property owners nightmare is renting to that wrong family/individual and checking up on the property only to find that there is now thousands of dollars worth of damage. Words can’t even come to mind in a situation like this.  This is where we/ a property management group comes in. FFS Property Management Group has well over 35 years of experience that will suit all of your needs.

When it comes to choosing a tenant for your property, we know through experience that everyone is unique and your property might not be the right match for most. This is why we screen every individual thoroughly and match the right tenant to the right property. As mentioned above, when it comes to being a good judge of character which you are, having done this now for over 35 years, we have the much needed experience and back ground to ensure you are placed with the right tenant. Another important attribute that makes us stand out is our solid list of resources needed if any situation were to arise. Instead of you frantically searching the books for an emergency plumber after receiving that phone call at 3 in the morning, we have you covered. We want nothing but the best for our property owners, that is why we have the right professionals to get the job done swiftly and correctly the first time. So sit back, relax and rest assure that your property is in good hands.

If you would like to find out additional information on what we have to offer you and your property, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (408) 278-8400 or by CLICKING HEREtoday.

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