About the San Jose Web Design Firm

“What are you doing Eric?” my third grade teacher asked. “I am drawing the battleship from the Star Blazers. Check out the power of the mega weapon!” I responded. Ever since I was young I have been a dreamer and understood the fact that art and design keeps the world going round. Think about it. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell something. Whether it’s the latest cell phone, the newest cool feature on a car or which company you choose for your next design project… everything has a certain way of impacting on how we buy.

When I was around 25 years old I had an epiphany. I was working at a Chevy’s restaurant as the assistant manager and they were putting me through some testing on recipes and ingredients. The trainer was sitting across the table from me asking me why I didn’t know how many tomatoes went into Pico de Gio. I wanted to fire back with I could really care less, but I didn’t. Instead I politely apologized for not knowing and told him I would study harder next time. It was at this moment I knew I needed to change my profession.

You may be saying to yourself, why is this guy telling me all this. The reason is because I know that if you are like me, in anyway, and have an entrepreneurial mind, you understand what this moment is like. Every owner I have ever talked to has had a moment they remember that sticks out in their mind as a momentous memory that changed their lives.

Within a week after the memory at Chevy’s I enrolled in an accelerated learning school named Master’s Institute of Technology where I learned the fundamentals of Multimedia and Design. From their I have worked at numerous companies helping them expand on their selling abilities by creating a BUYING PLATFORM for each organization and creating a proper way to target the market they were in.

Over the past 10 years I have built a clientele that gives me the ability to finally be on my own and do what I love, which is helping small to medium sized businesses build their organization in the age of the twenty-first century. What does this mean you ask? Well… things are not how they used to be. There is a lot more competition out there and if you are not properly being promoted… no one will know you exist. Why not you may wonder? Ten years ago the internet did not have as dominant a role as it does now. Without the proper know-how, large corporations will beat you out and you will struggle.

This is where ER Productions throws you the life raft. I or someone from my team will work with you to build a vision, create a selling platform, which will then draw in an audience. I know that you have a lot of creative ideas and know a lot more about your industry than I or my colleague may have knowledge on. We will gather all the information we need and create something that we know you will be proud to say… “This is my mega weapon! Look how powerful it is!”

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