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Web Design & Branding

ER Productions has been building innovative web design in San Jose for over 10 years. We take pride in helping out the small to medium size business world. There are tons of owners in the Bay Area unaware of what it takes to get new customers in their door. Some know, but are unwilling or unable to to pay thousands of dollars to make their business grow.

ER Productions understands this and is willing to work for you at a low cost. PLUS… we can setup a payment plan specifically designed to work for you.


Desktop Publishing

ER PRoductions has extensive knowledge of what it takes to get your product printed properly. When it comes to print, there are many different things that must be taken into account. For instance… did you know if you want to get a mailer printed and shipped at the $0.29 bulk rate, at the Post Office, there are certian size requirements? Many companies don’t!

At a low cost, ER Productions will check your file for you and make sure all specifications are properly met FOR FREE!


SEO & Web Optimization

ER Productions can increase your Google ranking for your business along with web development for your San Francisco Bay Area business. To get a good ranking on Google, or any major search engine, you have to make sure your Web site is “search-engine optimized.” Search engine optimization (SEO) just means your site is as accessible as possible to the search engines to improve the chances that they will serve it up when your potential customers type in specific search terms. The more easily search engines find your site, the higher up it appears on their results pages.




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