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Established in 1987.

The Great Event is a national full-service event planning, brand marketing and event management firm providing highly targeted solutions for corporations seeking to achieve greater brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Corporate branding events are only as successful in so far that they meet your business objectives. In a business climate where there is ever increasing competition to capture mindshare with less time to form positive perceptions, opinions and beliefs, successful corporations must leverage event marketing into event branding opportunities with measurable results.

We specialize in helping you achieve performance goals to make a business difference. The Great Event becomes your strategic communications partner to deliver quality corporate event planning, market branding and professional event execution without boundaries.

While managing over 150 events per year for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies including Paypal, Apple, VMware, IBM, Xerox and many more providing cutting edge event planning, design and execution, Darryl directs a talented team of sales, marketing and event associates.

The Great Event now rated a Top 10 Hospitality Portal ranked worldwide provides access to high level regional event planners, educational information as well as event and budget planning solutions.

With all of this being said, what are you waiting for? We can do it all. We take pride in making your event the most successful and most importantly, we pride ourselves in watching all of you smiling while having a great time. So take it easy this summer, treat your employees to fun-filled team building exercises. Don’t let the kids have all of the fun, build positive morale with your employee’s all while having a great time doing it.

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Housekeeper San Jose


What are you looking for when choosing the right maid service to clean your home?

Heavenly Maids Cleaning Services Inc, stands out from all the rest because of our reputation. With our pride in the work we do, our attention to detail, and our only goal is to make you the client 100% satisfied, we are your go to cleaning service. We have a variety of services that we can offer you and your family to ensure your home is clean the way you want it to be cleaned. With our 100% guaranteed satisfaction, you know we don’t mess around and will get the job done right professionally the first time.

House Cleaning Service Areas:


I am pretty sure we have all of you covered.


Because our rates are based on the size and condition of your home, we gladly provide Free In-Home Consultations. We pride ourselves in customizing our services to your specific needs and requests. And because we are 100% confident that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work, there are no contracts or obligations. For those who would like to speak personally to some of our very satisfied clients, we also offer references upon request.

If you would like to find out more information about who we are and what we can do for you, please follow this link today: HEAVENLY MAIDS CLEANING SERVICES INC

Property Manager San Jose


FFS Property Management Group

What are you looking for in a property manager?

The hardest thing most homeowners have to ask themselves when owning and profiting from a investment property is, should I run my property myself or choose a property manager?

Tough question indeed and one that needs to be answered. When renting out your property, it sounds pretty easy right? WRONG! There are a lot of logistics and time that go into renting your Investment Property. Lets take for instance you chose not to go with a property management group and decided to screen your own tenants. This is a daunting task seeing as not everybody has the same schedule as you, and now you are all over the place going from appointment to appointment. Definitely not what you thought you’d be doing right? How about choosing the right tenant? This is not going to be easy seeing as though this may or may not be your first time renting to another person. You know you are a good judge of character, but are you. Every property owners nightmare is renting to that wrong family/individual and checking up on the property only to find that there is now thousands of dollars worth of damage. Words can’t even come to mind in a situation like this.  This is where we/ a property management group comes in. FFS Property Management Group has well over 35 years of experience that will suit all of your needs.

When it comes to choosing a tenant for your property, we know through experience that everyone is unique and your property might not be the right match for most. This is why we screen every individual thoroughly and match the right tenant to the right property. As mentioned above, when it comes to being a good judge of character which you are, having done this now for over 35 years, we have the much needed experience and back ground to ensure you are placed with the right tenant. Another important attribute that makes us stand out is our solid list of resources needed if any situation were to arise. Instead of you frantically searching the books for an emergency plumber after receiving that phone call at 3 in the morning, we have you covered. We want nothing but the best for our property owners, that is why we have the right professionals to get the job done swiftly and correctly the first time. So sit back, relax and rest assure that your property is in good hands.

If you would like to find out additional information on what we have to offer you and your property, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (408) 278-8400 or by CLICKING HEREtoday.

Gold Buyer San Jose


Are you looking at selling your gold or jewelry?

Here at The Jewel Box Jewelersour gold buying program is perfect for everyone. Though it’s called our gold buying program, it is not limited to just gold. Here at The Jewel Box, we will purchase your jewelry, silver, sterling silver, gold fillings, gold teeth plates, sterling silver flatware, diamonds, precious stones, and a variety of old coins. We buy almost any precious metal, gem, or coin that you can find.

What makes us stand out?

When you use our gold buying services, you can trust that you will always receive the best offer. We do not believe in taking advantage of our customers, so fair pricing is the foundation of our gold and diamond buying program. We are open seven days a week which makes it convenient to sell us all of your unwanted precious metals, diamonds, gems and more…

No appointment is needed when you sell with us. One of our jewelers will be delighted to assist you. Just stop into our sore during business hours and you will get an offer right on the spot. If you would like to find out more information about our Gold buying program, please CLICK HERE .

Upcoming events you are not going to want to miss out on…

We are having our annual “Give ’em the Works” promotion! Bring in your jewelry repairs, gold to sell, and take advantage of our spring clearance sale. So don’t be late June 2nd through the 20th

Gold buyer San Jose

Other services, just for you!

  • An array of beautiful jewelry from our Estate Collection, Tacori, Gabriel & Co…
  • Custom Jewelry design with our state of the art equipment
  • Repair and restoration
  • An array of beautiful necklaces and bracelets
  • Wedding/engagement sets
  • Semi and precious gemstones
  • And much, much, more…

If you would like to find out more information about our store or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime.

The Jewel Box Jewelers

350 East Campbell Ave

Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 377-9898


We hope you all have a great rest of your week and look forward to seeing all of you soon.

-The Jewel Box Jewelers

Mailbox rentals San Jose

images.Are you in need of a mailbox?

Stop looking…

We have one available today for rent here at PostalAnnex+

Are you the type of person that needs to feel the sense of security when it comes to getting mail and receiving packages? Well we get it and will make sure you are well taken care of so you can breathe easy at the end of your day.

The questions???

Do I get a P.O. Box or do I get a Private mailbox from PostalAnnex+? Well the decision is yours, but let me point out to you the differences really quick. If you choose to go with us, you will have a physical street address and what this means to you is you will now be able to receive packages from companies such as FedEx, UPS, Dhl.  Plus, if you are a business professional, your business will stand out more with a physical street address as opposed to a P.O. box.

How about those perks?

  • Security: Your mail is officially safe and secure behind two locks(Front door/Mailbox
  • Privacy: We do not disclose to anyone that you have an account with us.
  • Packages: We will accept and secure any and all packages for you. There is no reason to have your packages wait on your doorstep for you while you are away at work.
  • And of course professional appearances.

If you would like to find out more about our services and are interested in a mailbox, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

(408) 975-0893 Or CLICK HERE 

We look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

Local Honey San Jose


Are you looking for local honey?

Look no further

Est. 2008

Wendy Towner is a second generation beekeeper bringing with her some old fashioned knowledge and implementing it in today’s forward thinking “clean” beekeeping. Coming from a family farm that cares for hundreds of hives and sells thousands of pounds of raw honey every year, she is on her way to implementing her own personal goals of  helping to attain sustainable bees in the community and local farms. She has saved thousands of hives from certain doom, with anxious homeowners not knowing what to do when bees are found taking up residence in unconventional places. She has provided pollination services to backyard gardens and large organic farms alike. Wendy is one of the top go to beekeepers in the bay area when authorities need help in bee matters. Her number is on speed dial with animal control, emergency services and pest control agencies alike. She is here to help save the bees, one hive at a time.

Local Honey San Jose

Local Honey San Jose

Some of the best local honey I have ever had has come from The Honey Ladies. Their honey is 100% Grade A pure raw honey with just the basic filtration. The do not extend their honey with corn syrup or other things.

12 oz jar if honey24oz jar of honey3lb Honey JarBee PollenRoyal JellyHoneycombBeeswax Candles

A wide variety of products they offer and will surely satisfy. Wildflower Honeycombs, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and even Beeswax Candles.

Honey by the jar:

  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Buckwheat Blossom
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Clover Blossom
  • Kiwi Blossom
  • Orange Blossom
  • Poison Oak Blossom
  • Raspberry Blossom
  • Black Button Sage
  • Strawberry Blossom

If you would like to find out more information on their pricing and other services they provide, please don’t hesitate to give them a call anytime at (408) 531-5045 or click this following link to their homepage today! Local Honey San Jose


Event Center San Jose


What are you looking for in a venue?

What makes us unique?

The Corinthian Event Center is known as one of the premier spots for Northern California wedding venues and special events. Its reputation is hailed as a historical, non-traditional Great Gatsby landmark and chosen as one of the most affordable South Bay indoor wedding venues. Located in the heart of historic downtown San Jose, this 1924 landmark is no ordinary event center. As you walk up the broad granite steps, past the enormous urns and soaring columns, you can’t help but be impressed by the stately elegance of its neoclassic design. The Corinthian Grand Ballroom is proud to be mentioned as one of the top Bay Area wedding venues by a San Jose local paper. Clients love the fact that the Corinthian Grand Ballroom is located in the heart of Downtown San Jose near its finest hotels and churches.

Services we have to offer:

  • Corporate: We provide everything you need to personalize your event.  We make sure that our team accommodates to all of your requests to ensure your next product launch, board meeting, and team building meeting takes off without a hitch in style.
  • Weddings: Your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. The Corinthian Grand Ballroom provides the perfect space whether your wedding be lavished by beauty or intimate, our wedding planners are here to make sure every detail is a day to remember.
  • Social: Meet and greet in the most elegant place of downtown. Whether you are having a prom, quinceanera, or holiday party, The Corinthian Grand Ballroom blends itself to a wide variety of events.

If you would like to find out more information about our services, please follow the link below.

The Corinthian Grand Ballroom

Corinthian Event Center

196 N. 3rd Street

San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 938-2332